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2018 Tech Trends and Predictions. And More!

We couldn't let 2017 end without our take on 2018. Tune in a drink up as Ben, James, and Brandon have a peek through the looking glass to predict everything from college football championships to robot wars. And a few legit predictions as well.

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

“In 2018, we're going to see a mini explosion in AI that you can buy and put to work for you.”

AI is going to enter the workforce in a productive way and be meaningful in mainstream areas like journalism, call centers, bartending, and more. However, this mainstream usage will accelerate some of the things people have been worried about in terms of displacement and ethics.

Amazon will become a platform for brands and in the next 12 months will make three massive brand acquisitions. Some of our predictions here include Nordstrom, Ace Hardware, Warby Parker, and LuluLemon.

In 2018, people will continue to let go of pre constructed notions of privacy for convenience, entertainment, and service. There will be a great trust in robots and a great trust in technology for better utility without finding it intrusive or even fully realizing it.

Featured Speakers:

Brandon Gredler

Ben Gaddis

James Lanyon

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