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Amazon – New Hardware & Strategizing the Future

In this episode, we passionately cover what new hardware we saw at Amazon’s event and what it may mean long term. And secondly, what is actually going on at Amazon and where is that strategy taking us?

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Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

We saw way more than we were expecting. Amazon rolled out lots of notable hardware with variety and retooling that is designed to shop.

Amazon is moving in the right direction and will always get better over time which you don’t get with their competitors. They are relieving the burden of connecting your home and making the smart home more achievable.

We thought Alexa was a software play until we saw this massive product line we didn’t know was a focus. They have been working to push this market forward and have to spearhead hardware development themselves in order to do so.

“Amazon is looking at the data, designing for the problems, and making it better. That's their secret weapon. It's not diversity, it's not anything else, it's the data they have.”

There isn’t much more that Apple and Google are going to do, Amazon is going to do a lot more fueled by their data.

Their goal is to dominate the home but they are also rethinking their strategy and pivoting. We think there will be a wearable device soon and Alexa will become an in-car system. Soon everyone is going to get in on Alexa and want to try and incorporate it.

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