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Apple Event Recap and Thoughts on Facial Recognition

In Episode 4, we will recap what our take on The Apple event was and if we got what we wanted from the products and why facial recognition has us immediately questioning what that may mean for the future.

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Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

While we weren’t blown away, we were pleasantly surprised. We saw a nice balance of business and innovation. Two new phones, updates to the Apple Watch, lots of new features and a camera to suit ARKit just like we wanted.

The new set of sensors and experiences that we didn’t have before is going to open up amazing opportunities. Yet, it is disappointing that the only way for them to communicate that was through animated poop emojis.

“Steve Jobs isn’t rolling in his grave because of any device, he’s rolling in his grave because this shit is going on, literally a piece of shit talking at an Apple event.”

People aren’t okay with facial recognition in subway systems to help prevent terrorism but will want to carry these facial recognition devices in their pockets asap. We have become a self absorbed generation and this opens a whole new level of everyday user experience that is creepy but has us excited.

There is not a lot of increased security benefit here but facial recognition could help to understand how users feel and are reacting to things to aid personalization and develop better experiences.

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