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Equifax Breach and the Anticipated Next iPhone

This week, the Equifax breach has us wondering if privacy still exists and what it means today. Additionally, with the iPhone 8 being announced on September 12th, what are some of the things we want to see it have?

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Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

The Equifax breach has us wondering if privacy still exists. Privacy does not and will not exist but security does. The way technology has been developing, it has to.

Privacy cannot exist because we are trading it for better experiences. Utility trumps privacy and majority of the time users allow it without really noticing. Yet, a breach of this size will cause some impact and people will start to rethink sharing information more than before.

10 years after the first iphone, we have high expectations to say the least. Thinking about the old Apple announcements, the hype they would bring, full of things we had never seen we just hope they can bring that element back since we haven’t seen that in over four IPhones.

“I want Apple to do what I haven’t thought of, that’s what used to happen.”

Storage capabilities need to be expanded and we need software to support Arkit along with hardware for AR experiences. Siri desperately needs to make a comeback and be a more connected device with Alexa having it right and voice being center of gravity right now. We hope this can be a big announcement but also realize what the last few years have brought.

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