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Facebook Commits to Future of VR

Join in the conversation as we discuss the future of VR and if it actually has the chance of becoming a reality or is just hype.

purple VR headset with hand controls

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

Facebook released new Oculus hardware to provide more untethered experiences and a new interface. We see the productivity that could come of this from a business angle and the difference it could make. For example, using Oculus to run your desktop apps.

A core issue VR faces today is cultural adoption due to vulnerability and acceptability. VR requires a level of social and cultural acceptance that people aren’t ready for right now and AR will help pave the way for that.

“VR is the ultimate winner and AR is a gateway drug”

Kids today are growing up connecting virtually and in separate rooms so they are going to be more open to a headset and help spearhead mass adoption. What we see here may finally be the bringing down of the barrier to entry for the average consumer and a mainstream push. We predict ten years until a mixed reality is the norm.

Ready Player One may be an exaggeration, but there will be the danger when VR goes mainstream to have to tame ourselves to prevent being engrossed in an alternate reality.

Featured Speakers:

Brandon Gredler

Ben Gaddis

James Lanyon

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