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Hearable Technology and Platform Responsibility Over User Content

Tune in for a great episode and a bonus music composition built with the help of one of our AI partners. Join us as we discuss where we see the hearable technology market going and some of our current favorites. In addition to that, we cover what responsibilities and roles platforms should have over their users in the heat of the Logan Paul incident.

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

Our prediction of the biggest buzzword of 2018? Hearables. For example, Google’s Pixel Buds or Apple’s AirPods that are wireless earbuds with some sort of AI or assistant that allows it to operate on its own. We had our hesitations about them at first but the idea of having assistants and translators in your ear is pretty incredible.

“This very well may be the first wearable technology that actually makes your life better.”

Google glass made people look ridiculous. With hearables, you aren’t going to disrupt cultural norms so why not augment everyday tasks. This may be the first wearable technology that actually makes your life better. We would love to call bull shit on it, but it is solid.

Platform roles in scandals arise when non serious people start playing in serious fields with their content and the consequences and ramifications aren’t clear.

Platforms have a responsibility to not cop out when an issue arises, especially with such a large audience. It will be interesting to see if we are going to start to see censorship and decency laws. Nobody wants that but we are starting to need some sort of control. Social media is quickly being seen as a net negative on society and these are some of the reasons why.

Featured Speakers:

Brandon Gredler

Ben Gaddis

James Lanyon

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