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Kodak’s Announcement of KodakCoin

From iced tea, to e-cigarettes, to Hooters’ new rewards program, we are starting to see a number of companies pivot business models to incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency. Kodak is included in that list with their new KodakCoin and we are ready to discuss if it was a good move aside from the initial 60% stock jump post-announcement.

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

Kodak is joining the blockchain craze with their rights management platform, KodakOne, by introducing KodakCoin. The objective is to give photographers a new digital currency and ledger for secure payments and ownership rights.

“It will be effective for Kodak as it solves a problem and relieves a common pain point for their market.”

We had never thought about blockchain in this light but rights management and tracking published content is a tedious task which makes for an ideal use case for blockchain.

However, we are starting to see all sorts of industries trying to implement their own coin offering and we worry that will take away from the potential power of blockchain.

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