Love in the Age of the Algorithm

Finding love in the digital age is fantastic! Right? RIGHT!?

Gimme me the links, Gimme me the links.

Recorded at 9:30am this morning edition of C+Q was powered by our friends over at High Brew Coffee.

“Humans are the sex organs of the machine world. We make them to make us better, to make them better. - Brandon”

Dating apps owned by Match Group

For $29, This Man Will Help Manipulate Your Loved Ones With Targeted Facebook And Browser Links

SwuM – Draco

Lara, Your Dating Advisor

Mystic Messenger

Even If AI Can Cure Loneliness — Should It?

Amazon buys Eero

Architecture of Radio

Amazon Pulls Out of NYC

Featured Speakers:

Ben Gaddis

James Lanyon

Brandon Gredler

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