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Super Bowl LII and The SpaceX Launch

Considering some of the stats surrounding this year’s Super Bowl, we are seeing what we like to refer to as “peak NFL.” Tune in to hear what that means and what companies we think won the Super Bowl with their ads. Despite all the efforts and heavy hitters of brands and agencies alike, Elon Musk and SpaceX dominated the week by launching their largest rocket in production and leaving a Tesla in space. Quite honestly, we couldn’t be more excited and creeped out for the conspiracy theories that followed.

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

A large portion of Super Bowl viewers are there for the commercials and we were just as interested this year. While we were underwhelmed by a few because we saw them weeks before the game, there were others we really loved.

Starting with Amazon’s opening dialogue that now has everyone wondering if Austin is leading in the fight for their new headquarters. We are definitely eager to see how that theory plays out and do think it could be a hint.

The NFL did a genuinely great job of reminding viewers of the pure joy and magic that football brings and the goofy and amazing sides to some of their players.

Tide was brilliant. We loved how they put their recent bumps aside and had a campaign that made you think other ads were theirs as well. Which you do not want as a marketer for some of those other companies.

“The person and company who really won after the superbowl and really dominated the week was Elon Musk over at SpaceX.”

Elon Musk and SpaceX launched their largest rocket in production complete with a Tesla Roadster that was left to wander about in space. Now, that is the best branding play we have seen in a few years and regardless of conspiracy theories, this was pretty impressive and has us excited to see what else comes from them in the future.
Stats on Super Bowl LII
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Conspiracies surrounding SpaceX and their launch

This Week’s Featured Cocktail: The Champagne Cocktail

1 teaspoon granulated sugar or 1 sugar cube
3–5 dashes bitters (such as Angostura)
4 ounces Champagne or sparkling dry wine
Long spiral lemon zest (for serving)

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