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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

After seeing the Tesla semi-truck take the streets we thought we would cover autonomous vehicles at large this week. What does the evolution of them mean for the way we will live our lives and is the general public ready? Tune in for an episode full of off the wall questions and debates on where we are headed and when.

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

Tesla and other major manufacturers claim they will have autonomous vehicles in market by 2019 or 2021. The levels of automation they are promising is unclear. We have our disagreements on when this will become mainstream but can agree it’s a lot more real than getting credit for and the net gain it will add to your personal life is endless.

Some realities we see coming to life with this trend include an increase in alcoholism and drug usage but also lifestyle changes like working habits and flexibility. The growth of smart cities will spearhead this network affect that we may or may not be prepared for and create an “urban city” led by IoT, to exclude cars and other normalities as we know them.

We will get to the point where this will all pivot, very quickly and when you think about how many people use rideshare apps, the reality is that we are already leaving our cars at home more and more.

“The question does not become do I buy an autonomous car but do I need a car in general and the answer will become probably not.”

Ben sees the evolution of autonomous cars being at 90% by 2029, James by 2035, and Brandon by 2030.

RethinkX: Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030 Report

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