The Future of the Democratic Experience.

Voting in the age of convenience and the implications beyond the West Virginia Experiments.

Gimme me the links, Gimme me the links. [if you don't know please see Gimme the Loot]

Tequila with coffee. And the Democratic Experience.

“When thinking about technology I think about access versus control and our ability to remove the VERSUS is always a good thing.- Brandon”

Bradley Tusk + West Virginia

Quotes on Democracy.

$380M Dollars for Voting Security

China Builds Their Own MOOOOOOOON!

Ghosted Chinese Disneyland

Macy’s rolls out VR shopping experience

The death of the PCP

Make your Emails suck less. Hemingway App.

How much rain fell in Texas during Harvey


Audible. Bad Blood.

3D Printing Human Cells

Featured Speakers:

Ben Gaddis

Brandon Gredler

James Lanyon

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