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What in the World Is a Design System?

This episode welcomes our friends Myan Duong and Kurt Pennypacker to discuss Design Systems. Along with Brandon Gredler, they examine what they are? What do they do? Why do we like them? And why do we hate them?

Too Long Didn’t Listen (TLDL)

How is a design system different from a brand style guide? Design systems take the traditional style guide a step further to incorporate a layer of reasoning and decision explanation to build out an experience past brand guidelines.

There is an increase in production speed and design needs something to help keep up now more than ever. However, the reality of design systems is convincing others of the value and benefit. A lot of the hesitation to implement comes with the pain of creating, maintaining, and communicating the purpose.

With team sizes that vary and a number of voices and opinions, having a system to keep decisions clear and established can help make work processes smoother and more efficient for a number of parties from the designers and developers to clients and users.

“Building a design system is great because you want it to look good as much as you want it to function well and be efficient. Design systems allow you to scratch that other itch.”

Featured Speakers:

Brandon Gredler

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