Zuck Heads to The Hill. Now What?

Mark Zuckerberg heads to Washington to explain himself in front of Congress.

Give me the links, give me the links.

It turns out the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica incident was kind of a thing. Zuck heads to The Hill to explain that he “sells ads, sir.” And we discuss the pending business model augmentation for them, those that rely on their platform and other trying to do something new

“Should they be freaked? The worst thing that is going to happen is that they are going to try and sell me another white shirt.”

Vitagoods Scale

Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer

Facebook to charge?

Facebook Hearings Recap


MB Subscription Program

Volvo Subscription Program

Future of Subscription Model (Harvard)

3D-Printed Homes

Things we saw this week:

Sir Martin Sorrell

James LOVES science

Alexa Skill Templates

Taylor Swift – September

Tekashi69 + Adrien Broner

Business Wars – First Computer War

Featured Speakers:

Brandon Gredler

Ben Gaddis

James Lanyon

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